Nordic events and seminars
as diverse and exciting as
the region itself

We specialize in developing, delivering, managing and marketing
major Nordic projects across international borders.

We cover every possible angle of Nordic interest

Whatever your need – we have you covered.
If needed, feel free to mix and match or request something entirely novel!


Historical events
Seminars and debates
Political events


Regional Trade
Internationale Trade
B2B events
Inspirational events
Go-home meetings


Art shows
Films and Cinema
Nordic design
Nordic literature



Wondering how we might help?

We craft exciting international events, festivals, projects, seminars and conferences – themed according to Nordic culture, arts, social and political dialog, specifically tailored according to your needs,

…or how we will pull it off?

With our many years of experience and an advisory board bar none, we have the expertise and network to build anything you might need and we will of course take care of everything from start to finish.

Our vision

We aim to create and maintain mutual intercultural knowledge, understanding and sharing between the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

Our mission

We create international opportunities for the people in the Nordic region and other countries, establishing forums through networking, projects and events.

Our promise

We strive to craft the best events possible, we will put a special spin on things and we will take care of everything from start to finish.

A nonprofit organisation

We are a nonprofit organisation and recognise the responsibilities which flow from that.

Intercultural outreach

We ensure that everything fits clearly into our aim of intercultural outreach and understanding.

Mutual benefit

We deliver benefits for both the Nordic region and overseas countries in everything we do.

Distinctive strengths

We focus our work on activities that build on and strengthen the distinctive assets that the Nordic Region offers to people, institutions, governments, customers, clients, partners and other providers.

Creating value

We seek to build value and opportunity for our Nordic sectors and other Nordic providers, as well as in areas where we are also a provider.

Transparent & Open

We ensure that we are open and transparent in our operations, finances and systems. Meet the fair trading requirements of Nordic public funding.

Get to know us and our advisory board